Safe use of Power Ascenders

In certain circumstances where rope works are required, operatives may require or choose to use of power ascenders.
Certificate of Completion in: Safe use of Power Ascenders
2 days (16 hours)

$600.00 Ex. GST

To make this operation simpler and safer to the user, Sky 5’s Safe use of Power Ascenders course is one to look at. This description will outline a 2-day course designed to train the user how to safely set up a rope works system and ascend/descend, rescue and lifting loads.

Target groups

Rope access technicians, emergency services, police and specialist rescue units, mines rescue teams and riggers on towers for the electrical or telecommunication industry.

  • In depth knowledge of how to tie anchors, knots and hitches
  • Rope access qualifications or vertical rescue qualifications
  • Current work safely at heights national qualification that is current within the last 3 years
Objectives and Content

Delegates will gain the knowledge to explain and demonstrate:

  • Pre-use check of the power ascender unit
  • Pre-use inspection of main and safety ropes and all equipment
  • Risk assessment
  • Making the work area safe and having deep knowledge of safety supervision
  • Selection of anchor points
  • Correct attachment of power ascender unit and sit board to the user
  • Correct use of the power ascender unit
  • Ascent and descent using the power ascender unit
  • Building Mechanical advantage and perform raising and lower operations
  • Load shift rigging and operations
Candidate Handbook
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