Rope Access Training Level 1 (SPRAT)

This course is designed to provide workers with the knowledge and practical skills to the level of a Level 1 Rope Access Basic Operator.
5 days (40 hours): 4 days training + 1 day assessment

$1,900.00 Inc. GST

Industrial rope access training is designed to provide workers with the knowledge and skills to perform work while suspended in a vertical environment. Workers with this qualification may work under the supervision of a SPRAT Level 2 or Level 3 operative depending on the specific site classification.

This 4-day course (with a 5th day for assessments) is suitable for any worker (or company) required to conduct work such as maintenance or inspection whilst fully suspended at height.

Typical work scenarios are: high rise window cleaning, industrial abseiling, painting or maintenance, sign installation, or work on bridges, power stations, mines, or cliffs.

Sky5 Training Academy now offer's a free RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights course for every candidate that book's into a SPRAT course

*Please include your Date of Birth in the order comments as this is required to register your details in the SPRAT system*


Sky 5 recommend students have a current (attained within 24 months) Work Safely at Heights certificate (RIIWHS204E or equivalent).

Course Inclusions
  • All necessary equipment provided
  • Training conducted by experienced Rope Access Technician
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards for working at heights
  • Recommendations and advice for specialised personal protective equipment (PPE) for your workplace
  • Advice on risk control methods for the type of rope access works to be undertaken
  • Hands on training to ensure rope access technicians can ensure personal safety whilst performing suspended works
  • SPRAT assessment and qualification issuance fees
Objectives and Content
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Equipment use and inspection
  • Job safety
  • Knots
  • Use of backup devices
  • Use of descenders
  • Use of ascenders
  • Changeovers
  • Passing knot
  • Rope-to-rope transfer
  • Deviation techniques
  • Deviation
  • Re-anchor
  • Negotiate edge
  • Rope and sling protection
  • Rigging anchorage systems
  • Load sharing anchorage system
  • Horizontal aid climbing
  • Level 1 technician rescue
  • Rigging and operating a hauling and lowering system
Entry Requirements

Participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • This training is realistic and very physical. It is important that all personnel who attend this course are physically fit and have a 'head' for heights. You will be ascending ropes and hanging in harnesses for extended periods in order to conduct rescues. If you do not possess the fitness/strength to ascend ropes under your own strength, you will be unable to demonstrate the competence required for this program.
  • Equipment requirements:
    • We supply all equipment necessary for you to undertake training including harnesses, ascenders, descenders etc.
    • We actively encourage you to bring along your own equipment.
Candidate Handbook
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