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Tower Safety, Climbing, & Rescue (TWR)
This course integrates the most current technology and international research on tower safety, climbing, and rescue, and utilises 'discovery learning' to teach skills necessary to safely affect work in and around towers.

$6,300.00 Ex. GST

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Wind Turbine Operator (WTO)
The Wind Turbine Operator course is for workers operating in and on wind turbines. Wind turbines pose some special challenges: they are often in rural areas and/or are difficult to reach.

$4,200.00 Ex. GST

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Industrial Rope Rescue Technician (IRRT)
This course integrates the most current technology and research on Industrial Rope Rescue and Safety from throughout the world and utilises “discovery learning” to teach skills necessary to safely effect work in and around industry.

$8,500.00 Ex. GST

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Co-Worker Rescue at Heights (CWRH)
Everyone who works at height may be faced with a colleague who has fallen and is hanging helplessly in his fall protection system. The Co-Worker Rescue at Heights course teaches participants to deal with that situation.

$1,770.00 Ex. GST

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Safe Work at Heights (SWAH)
The Safe Work at Heights course provides insight into the dangers that workers face when working at height. Often, workers are faced with working at height during their jobs.

$1,770.00 Ex. GST

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