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Sky5 is now offering innovative and world-leading e-Learning programs, which can form part of a unit for a company's (or individual's) qualification, or serve as refresher training or skill maintenance for specialised rescue teams.

Our e-Learning programs are recognised and employed by The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), a global body providing research, training, conferences, and professional qualifications for firefighters and civilians who work in fields related to firefighting, the science of firefighting and prevention, and related technology.

Pricing advantages
  • Globally consistent pricing model
  • Easily budgeted and provisioned for
  • The more people signed on from your organisation, the better value the training
  • Package and cluster course discounts available
  • Pricing is flexible to your/your organisation's needs (as e-Learning can be done prior to practical training)
  • Save on transportation, overtime, travel, allowances and accommodation
  • Unlimited use
Organisational benefits
  • Content and delivery can be tailored
  • Easy and simple to action and access
  • Emphasises your commitment to your people
  • A standardised training and assessment process
  • Easily audited and appraised
  • Easily upgraded and version-controlled
  • Trackable live reporting
  • Underpinning theoretical knowledge can be immediately accessed prior to booking of practical training
  • e-Learning promotes agency and encourages independence
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Delivery is irrespective of external factors eg weather
e-Learning (online training) intent
  • Our e-Learning online training intent has three specific applications to you and your organisation:
  • 1. Initial underpinning
    2. Knowledge transfer
    3. Training prior to job use*

    *on-site training & assessment by your organisation's assessors or external assessors.

  • Watch a module and then complete the online assessment before moving on to the next module
  • Extensive, easy to access content library for skills maintenance for already-qualified staff
  • Most professional organisations recognise and ensure all trained staff MUST revisit their qualification and all unit content within 90 days.
Benefits to your trainees and learners
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Delivery is self-paced (can be paused, rewound, revisited as needed)
  • Students don’t need to take time off from work to complete
  • Globally standardised pricing
  • Engaging and entertaining content, including visual elements (gifs, action, footage)
  • Consistency in training and assessment process
10 reasons to employ our e-Learning program
    1. Save on travel & accommodation costs

    2. Web-based training replaces classroom instruction

    3. 24/7 accessibility

    4. Convenience

    5. Improved retention and productivity

    6. Security & safekeeping

    7. Audit and compliance benefits

    8. Sharing & learning

    9. Enhanced organisational productivity

    10. Consistent theoretical knowledge transfer

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